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Fluffy Frenchies Rare French Bulldogs USA

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Rare coco harlequin merle male Fluffy carrying Testable Chocolate b! Merle number of 274 meaning any of his merle offspring should be harlequin or tweed! This kind of DNA and coloring doesn't come around too often and especially with those beautiful blue eues. Ata Dd Bb coco Ee kykb nn L1L4 mh274


Precious coco fawn Fluffy girl 4 months old and ready to join your family. Atay Dd coco Ee kyky nn



Black and Tan Fluffy female that carries every color. Great addition to your breeding program! Smallest out of a litter of 7. Beautiful head and body to match. Atat Dd Bb Coco Ee kyky nn


This is a very rare girl right here, Look at her DNA! Hard to find a quality girl that can make absolutely everything in a fluffy package. Lilac and Tan Platinum carrying Testable b. Eternity daughter done right. She is 3.5 mont old. Ata dd coco Bb ee kyky ns


Perfectly structured girl in a tiny fluffy package. This girl is hard not to keep. Her personality matches her good looks. Lilac Fawn Full Fluffy female. Atay dd coco Ee kyky nn



Harlequin Merle Fluffy carrier female Lilac Fawn. She can make beautiful NEW SHADE Harlequin Merle Fluffys with the right male. Atay dd coco Bb Ee kyky nn L1s



Cute little Lilac & Tan Fluffy carrier male. Beautiful Harlequin Merle pattern and YES he carries Testable b!

Atat dd coco Bb Ee kyky nn L1s Mh274

Pet $3.5k Breeder $6.5k

Lilac Fawn Fluffy male that carries Testable b and Cream. Out of two outstanding parents, Deja & Eternity. Great deal on this boy!

Atay dd coco Bb Ee kykb nn


If you like Big Ropes this is the boy for you! Blue & Tan Casper daughter carrying Testable Chocolate b and Fluffy. Beautiful small girl with big rope.

Ata dd Bb Coco Ee yky nn L1s


Perfect little girl to start your program or to add conformation and personality. She's 4 months old and out outstanding parents Zoe & Eternity.

Atay dd Bb Coco Ee kyky nn


Sister to the girl above out of Zoe & Eternity. Shes going to look a lot like her momma when she grows up! Her personality is a plus, shes 4 months old and UTD on everything and ready to join your family!


Very nice little stud prospect here. Good confirmation, thick bone and wonderful personality. Out of Snow White & Eternity.

Ata Dd coco Bb ee kyky nn L1L4



Beautiful Blue Brindle female carrying Testable b, coco and Cream. Sweet personality out of Atari and Eternity. Litter box trained and very playful, ready to join your family.

Atay dd Bb Coco Ee kykb nn


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