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Playful, Intelligent, Loyal and Loving - The French Bulldog is the whole package!

Color Coded Frenchies are raised under foot in our home, being socialized with other dogs and having a great routine established ready to transition into their new families.


The French Bulldog is a delightfully irresistible breed in a miniature package! Their popularity has soared in recent years due to their wonderful loving temperaments, adaptable disposition and easy care coats, that make them appealing to families and individuals alike. 

Frenchies don't bark alot, but they are very alert and this makes them excellent watchdogs. They love to play, but they also enjoy taking long naps - sometimes all day long! 


French Bulldogs enjoy their food and this can be be great to assist you with training, because they have a high food drive.  However be cautious not to overdo the treats. Frenchies  also have a tendency to become obese, and because of their small stature, being overweight can damage their physical health.


Make sure to feed your Frenchie a high quality dog food, containing all their essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. Color Coded Frenchies will give you a FREE PUPPY PACK with your new puppy and are happy to share dietry advice and recommendations for your puppy.


French Bulldogs are wonderfully low maintenance! However they do have some individual needs to stay clean and comfortable. 

They have a lovely easy-care coat, requiring very little  maintenance. They are light shedders, so a weekly groom with a soft bristle brush or grooming mitt would suffice. Bath when needed.

Check their nails often and trim when needed. Also, the cute wee folds on their face can get wet and dirty and will need cleaned and dried regularly.  Use a nice clean cloth each time to just simply wipe away any moisture or grub.


Note: Do not leave your Frenchie around any body of water unattended, Frenchies cannot swim, their weight isn't distributed suitably for water buoyancy, their legs are too short and their short noses are not suitable for high intensity exercise like swimming.

Following a regular worming schedule and making sure your puppy gets all his or hers vaccinations on time is desirable to ensure your Frenchie's health is protected from illness and disease. 


Frenchies love going on short walks with their families! And despite their short stature they can also make excellent agility stars or obedience champs! Your new Color Coded Frenchie has been well socialized prior to leaving our home. Excellent socialization is essential for promoting good behavior for the longterm (in all breeds)! We recommend you continue with  training. Your local vet may be running puppy training classes in your area, or there may be various independent groups that run this service.  These are a great way for your puppy to meet other puppies and learn some simple training tips and tools.  The early months are vital to your puppies behavioral development.

Frenchies can be a little stubborn, but they are essentially eager to please and this makes them easy to train.

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